Gender Euphoria

"The feeling of joy and bliss we feel when our gender expression matches our gender identity"



"My gaze"

André's portrait
André's portrait

For this project, I've asked friends of trans experience to come model, wearing that which makes them feel the most comfortable, empowered, themselves in their gender identity.

The light I used is meant to showcase them as the stars I, and so many others, see them as.



"A stranger calling me 'handsome' at the supermarket"

As queer people, we don't get to grow up with enough representation in the media to feel validated in our experiences and bodies.

The aim of this project is to not only help models with the gender dysphoria they may feel in the future by immortalizing them in a look in which they feel euphoric, but also to, hopefully, give you yet another reference of a trans person feeling their best in their body.


Perla Naomi

"[...] the kid I take care of grabbed me by the hand and called me sister"

As a photographer, I try to connect with my models during photoshoots in a meaningful way. I like getting to know a person in-depth and my sessions almost always turn into deep, vulnerable conversations about our experiences.

During this project, I asked them all the same question:
"What makes you feel euphoric?"
The quotes you see next to the portraits are some of their answers.


Yun Ping 昀平

"Being able to dress femme while being seen as a boy. I feel like my gender expression aligns itself a lot with femininity and being in a moment in my transition where I can express it properly feels really good"

This project feels extra special because every model that participated in the project has had a huge impact on my own self-discovery since I've moved to Madrid, even though they may not know to what extent.

This is my way of thanking and honouring you.



"I wasn't allowed to have long hair as a child, now it's a source of self-empowerment"

Thank you to all the models who allowed me to portrait them in this powerful, vulnerable version of themselves.

And to myself for allowing others to see me this way.



"Still can't quite pinpoint it. It's a work in progress, but feeling seen and supported by the people above awakens that feeling within me"